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About Us

We are a mother and daughter dynamic duo who love all animals, especially poodles and golden retrievers. This cross between the two brought about our love for goldendoodles and allows us to experience a wonderful mix of both breeds without all the shedding or interference with our allergies and asthma.

Image by Eternal Seconds

Who We Are...

I, Shaquita, work full time as a legal assistant and the primary caretaker for our adult dogs and puppies. I enjoy music festivals, reading and the occasional happy hour. I’m passionate about all things legal, dogs, emotional wellbeing and politics.


Alani is an 11-year-old currently in 6th grade who has future plans of becoming a Veterinarian. She is passionate about all things dogs, fingernails and TikTok. She assists a great deal with socializing puppies and functions as a professional dog and puppy cuddler. On occasion, my nephew Frankquan, helps with cleaning and sanitizing the whelping and puppy play area. He also helps with giving the dogs and puppies baths.


Frankquan is passionate about all things involving autobody/car mechanics. He is excellent with the dogs, especially our senior dog Bailey.

Furry Friends

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